Where people gather together

KOTOBUKI must be there

As long as there is a place where people gather together, “KOTOBUKI’ must be there. Everyone can enjoy the space. This is the basic idea by "KOTOBUKI" since its been established. This spirit has never changed. In the future, seeking to enjoy the same quality and safety public space to everyone is “KOTOBUKI” mission, to make it a safe and beautiful public space which can overcome any disaster, continued to design high strength and durability strain devices.

KOTOBUKI was dedicated to public seating design and manufacturing. Since its inception in 1916 with 90 years history, we became the leader in city spatial planning and architecture. We do not only seek superb advanced technology but more positive combined the design and practicality in products, make the furniture as a part of interior design.

KOTOBUKI’s products employ at many famous place around the world, throughout Asia, Europe, America with more than 20 countries. We got good reputation because of Taiwan has good manufacturing technology and excellent quality production system. Therefore, Taiwan as a stronghold in Asian area to promote the mutual cooperation system between Taiwan and Japan. Since February 1, 2005. Japan and Taiwan joint venture “ Taiwan Kotobuki Corporation”. The partnership between Taiwan and Japan will be more closely and can not be separated and implement ” Made in Taiwan, Sales in Taiwan”.


In Japan and around the World, We participate in various commemorative activities.As a cross-century enterprise, in various sports activtes and cultural festival, etc. KOTOBUKI SEATING‘s every products with a variety of project.

KOTOBUKI Group Introduction